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The 2015 New Balance Falmouth Road Race 




This year the Falmouth Road Race has selected The Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation as one of its authorized charities, and will sponsor 20 participants who have agreed to run in honor of Matt and raise money on behalf of his charity.

A Cape Cod Tradition, the 43rd running of the New Balance Falmouth Road Race will take place on Sunday, August 16, 2015. More than 12,000 runners from around the world will participate this year, and the course from Water Street to Falmouth Heights will be shared by first-timers and elite athletes alike. A fitting tribute to Matt in his own hometown, it promises to be an exciting day for everyone.

2008 Falmouth Road Race Course

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The First Matthew Houlihan Foundation Golf Tournament
Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

College Friends

The Carpe Diem Ride (CDR)

"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

monarch crest
Monarch Pass, Colorado

With this simple question, the Carpe Diem Ride (CDR) was born in late autumn, 2003. The journey, scheduled for the summer of 2004, was carried out by Jon Bellona, a middle school teacher from Washington Depot, Connecticut, and Ian M. Lawson, a sporting goods buyer from Boston, Massachusetts. The two young men originally planned to drive Jon's van from one coast of the United States to the other. After goading each other into making the journey on bicycles, they decided to turn the trip into a fundraiser for two charities that held great meaning for them. The Matthew Houlihan Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation. The namesakes of these two foundations were also the inspiration for the name for the adventure, as "Houli" was, and Lance still is, tireless in their pursuit of seizing each and every day.

The CDR began on June 13th in Asbury Park, New Jersey. On Jon's meticulously planned routes, the CDR wound itself through an arduous first week in NJ, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio as the two riders adjusted to being on the bike for up to ten hours a day. The journey paused for a day in Columbus, Ohio, and then continued through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. Upon arriving in Colorado Springs, CO, Jon and Ian spent a day with Dave Greene. Both the riders and their host were classmates of Houli's at Hamilton College.

Wheatland, Kansas

Now prepared for the final western push, Jon and Ian rode through the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges via Utah, Nevada, and California. They arrived in San Francisco on July 28th, having taken time off in Gardnerville, NV, and in Sacramento, CA, to spend with family. This brought the duration of the ride to 46 total days, with 40 of them including riding. Interestingly, four of the six rest days were taken with only two days left in the ride.

Over the two month journey, the riders covered over 3,000 miles, 12 states, a flood, numerous mountain ranges, and amazingly generous friends, family, and complete strangers. Because the CDR was entirely self-supported, Jon and Ian were often at the mercy of people they had never met before - all of whom were wonderfully gracious. While it is impossible to thank them all for their kindness here, the CDR would not have been the success it was without them!

Calf Creek, Utah

In Ian and Jon's minds, the CDR was a wonderful success. While helping to raise both monetary support ($3,500) and awareness of two great foundations, the trip brought about a new appreciation for both the United States and its people to the riders. In its efforts to "seize the day," the Carpe Diem Ride honored two great people by living up to their credo: each and every day was lived to the absolute fullest.