Thoughts about Matt

From Jack Crowley:

Matthew Houlihan
God's Lent Child
1981 - 2003

The answer to prayers, the birth of a son
Liz and Binny thanked God Matthew was the one.

Their pride and joy excelled in school and at play
No indications at all something might not be okay.
Until Angels came to take him away ... even so
The depths of their grief none of us can know.

From heaven above Matt points us the way
That life here on earth is precious, but may
Be taken by Him who calls from above
And reminds us the meaning of family and love.

For life's a brief candle that flickers and dies
A lesson from Matthew is about time as it flies.
While our candles burn in this valley of tears
Let us love one another through the brief years.

And not be too busy for family and friends
For life in the flesh begins and it ends.
By sharing more love ... as He does with us all
We remember beloved Matt, the son He did call.